April 7th, 2006

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So i guess the contract I used to be on has become a soap opera. Both Dave and Katie, the only 2 people i have kept in contact with since quitting, have told me of all the drama and shit talking that's been going on. It started when I was still there, but i guess it's gotten worse over the last week. You'd think this was high school all over again... it's mostly this one guy that was in our training class that is causing all the problems, i swear he's jealous of Katie or something, because he's been talking shit about her behind her back since we were in training, and that was back in November, but of course he always played "nice" around her, fucking moron.

I hung out with Lindsey on Monday, it was fun-ish. We went for coffee and then we went for a very long car ride around the city because she was looking for the gas bar, in which she had an interview with the following morning. We got lost a few times.

I'm supposed to be going out tomorrow night, I keep making promises to Lindsey but then break them at last minute (i always seem to come up with excuses), i just hate going drinking when it's cold out, summer is always the best time to go drinking because you don't have to wear winter boots or lug around a winter coat... there's no snow on the ground, but it's cold and rainy.
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