April 16th, 2006

Whisker Biscuit

I didn't do much for the most part yesterday, no Jonny time. I went to Katie's place to console her since she broke up with her jackass of a boyfriend. We then went across the street to her friends Mike and Elysse's place, they smoked some pot, and Elysse and Mike both recognized me from somewhere... then we remembered that we had met once before on my 19th birthday at Jeff and Alicia's place... what a small world. Katie and I then went back to her place, smoked some more pot and we talked about her now ex boyfriend, and how ridiculously immature he is. Then we went over to Lillianna's place who lives just around the corner from her (she works at Stream and is on the same contract Katie is on, and i was on prior to my resignment), smoked a few bowls at her place then her fiancé came home with his friends and took over the living room to play XBox... so us girls moved to her bedroom, to continue smoking bowls and watched the movie Cube. That movie is so fucked up! it doesn't help that we were all pretty high, but still it's a weird movie. Afterwards, Katie and I went back to her place at like midnight because she had to go to bed to get up the next morning for work. I called a cab, and when i got in the car the cab driver was like "Angela! I haven't seen you in a long time, where have you been?!" i was like wtf?! then he was like "how was the rest of your birthday?" and i was like "good..." then i remembered that he was the guy that drove me home on my birthday! but fuck, that was like 6 and a half months ago, was he stalking me or something? ugh.

Dave is a silly man... he recently broke up with his girlfriend in which he has 2 kids with, and he's now looking for someone else (i know, he sure moves fast!). He was saying how he wants to improve his appearance so that he can meet women, and was saying how he wanted to get blonde hi-lights and shave his goatee and wax his chest etc... and i said "don't tell me you're becoming metrosexual" and then he said "no, don't worry i'm not going to become a man-o-lantern" HAHA! i couldn't stop laughing when he said that.

I'm supposed to be hangining out with Jonny tonight though... but we'll see if he actually pulls through.
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