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Good lord life is complicated and crazy. Dave asked me out the other night!!!! i rejected him though, but kindly. I have no interest in him, he's 30 years old and that's way too old for my liking haha, plus he's a bit annoying (make that really annoying) and he's not an attractive man... i know, i really shouldn't be so shallow, and i've said before that "it's what's on the inside that counts", when in fact i've been lying to myself HA! too bad, so sad. And the annoying thing is, that he keeps calling me, forcing me not to answer the phone because he goes on and on about his kids and his ex girlfriend who he's still in love with and blah blah blah, like i fucking care! he's also a complete perv, he was telling me how he'd like to use his tongue on me, and i was creeped out by that, EWWWWWWWW, words cannot express how disgusted i was and still am. I told Katie and she was like "i had this really sick feeling that this was going to happen at some point, THAT IS SO GROSS" then we had our little "ewwwww" moment. She said that she would tell him i got a job in a different country... well, initially she said "i'll tell him you got a job at a call centre in India" sure, like he's gonna believe that, so we scrapped that idea. I told my friend Phil about the situation and he said i should tell him i'm a lesbian and Alicia said the same thing haha. But, i told Dave that i got a job teaching ESL in Korea and that i'm moving there May 10th, he believed it too which is really sad, then Katie "confirmed" it by saying that i had gotten a job teaching English in Korea. WHAT A WEEK!
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