Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

Last weekend was such a waste, I had intended on going out with Jonny and Justin Saturday night... but they had gone out the night before and it was too cold to do anything then. Oh well, at least i got a 3 day weekend.

This weekend is going to suck just as much as the last, no plans for today or tomorrow... which i'm not really complaining about. It sucks to go anywhere anymore, especially this time of year. We had it easy in January/February, very little snow... and now it's back to haunt us. I miss how Summer feels.

What I miss about summer:
-Flip Flops
-Capri pants
-the beach
-wearing sunglasses
-sitting outside
-no sign of snow
-the occasional rain/thunder storm
-my social life
-house parties (they're just not as fun in the winter)
-going to bars
-sing-alongs in Lindseys car
-air conditioning
... but what i don't miss is the humidity! ick.

ps. wanna run away with me to Newport Beach? The OC makes me want to live in California.
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I tried that new diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper the other day... it's not what it's cracked up to be. The commercials make it look appetizing, but it really isn't, you can't taste vanilla or cherry, mostly the gross aftertaste of artifical sweetener. And, in all honesty, i'm not really a fan of Dr. Pepper to begin with, Cherry Coke is way better.

Valentine's day was a huge blow, not that i expected it to be special. Why make such a big deal out of it?

It's so crappy out, well of course it is, it's winter. Poison The Well is coming to London in April, I would love to go, but again i would have no one to go with, and as i've said before, going to a show by yourself is not the same, not to mention completely lame (i was not meaning to rhyme ha!).
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This is for you, Mr. Crankypants

I bought the latest release of Jane, an interesting article on SuicideGirls, it sounds so scandalous! just thought i'd share that with all.

Anyway, this weekend is coming to an end for me, so disappointing. My week goes by so friggin slow, except i must admit that last week went by fairly fast, and of course so did my weekend. But enough about work, that's the only thing new in my life as of late, and it's all i ever talk about in this thing.

I went to Alicia's place today, as always the little ones were entertaining, although Brody is sick with an ear and throat infection, poor thing. I had wished my weekend would have been much better, but you can't always get what you want, for once i would have liked to go shopping, at a real mall- a place i have not been to since before Christmas, and last Friday did not count at shopping at a mall. Lindsey had hoped that i would join her at the Wreck'd Room last night, she called me to see if i was going, but as usual i turned down the offer, or rather the invitation. Winter is a sucky time of year, my best drinking days are between May and November, clearly May is not for another 3 months or so. Jonny is coming here for his birthday, and i have booked Sunday the 26th (of this month) off work just to recover from the night before, never again will i drink myself silly the night before an "early" shift, last time i did that i called into work claiming that i was sick... however Katie, my dear friend, thought it would be fun to share photos of us being totally wasted from the night before with our co-workers, and then i had to explain myself the following day when i returned to work, and i'm very lucky i didn't get in shit for it.

Anyway, i'm considering watching Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle.
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Things have been semi complicated lately, i hate my job even more and i can never seem to make up my mind. I was suppose to go drinking with Lindsey last night, but at the last minute i decided i no longer wanted to go out. I've been in a shitty mood lately too, Linds and i were suppose to go shopping yesterday, we did go to the mall, but as it turned out she only wanted to see if her cell phone had been repaired, which it had been and all of a sudden the world revolved around her fucking cell phone, so this is how our "shopping day" went... we get to the mall, go straight to place where she'd purchased her cell phone, her cell phone is back, and then we leave. Hmmmm... and then we go back to her place. I don't know i even bothered leaving the car when all she was gonna do is get her cell phone. BLAH!!!!! next weekend i'm not doing anything!!!!!! i'll be a hermit. Fuck if i care anymore.

Aside from that, nothing is really new. I hate London all over again, i don't want to live here anymore, there's nothing to do and the people are shitty and i need a break from all the bullshit. My ex is a stupid mother fucker, he called me last week because he wanted to hook up, i said no and basically told him to go to hell, i want to erase him from my life, we broke up almost 3 years ago and the asshole is still leading me on, i'm totally aware of this and i avoid playing his stupid games. I just want it all to stop!
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OMFG work sucks! sure tomorrow's my "friday" and then i have 2 days off, but i hate sitting on the phone for 8 hours with a bunch of jerk faces who like to argue that they're right and i'm wrong and blah blah fucking blah. Although, there are sometimes light hearted moments, like today i had a woman imitating the sound her printer was making, she sounded more like a donkey... the attempt was cute though.

Friday, i have to make a point of going downtown again... i want a pair of yellow hi-top chucks, i don't know why but i really want a pair. They'll be as super cool as my black and hot pink ones, yes. I also need a hair cut, my hair is so blasé and in dire need of a chop chop. Someone suggested i get a fashion mullet, clearly that would not suit me. I want hot hair for once, i've had the same cutesy hairstyle for 2 and a half years now, it's time for a change.

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So much for "nice" spring-like weather. It was mild for a few days, the snow melting away, then all of a sudden it's freezing, ice on the sidewalks where the puddles used to be. THIS SUCKS! and which sucks even more is that i have bronchitis. There's a plus side to all of this though, however completely unrelated, i'm in the process of quitting smoking, as of today anyway... it's been 24 hours since i last had a cigarette, i have the aid of nicorette gum to ease away the cravings, it's not easy i'll tell ya that... these nicotine filled gum are not making things any easier, i want a fucking cigarette!!! i'm keeping my frustration on the inside, but suprisingly i haven't been bitchy.

I got another tattoo yesterday, it was spur of the moment... I was downtown with Alicia on Friday, we were bored and had nothing to do so i was like "lets go get tattoos!" well we didn't end up getting them on Friday, though we made an appointment for yesterday. I didn't even go to Hardcore for this tattoo, this was a big step! but i'm glad i made the change, i am so unbelievably pleased with the tattoo that from now on i'm taking my business to Lucky Devil.

Alicia and i got matching tattoos, although instead of A.W hers says A.H

ps. B.F.F.L=Best Friends For Life A.W=Alicia Welch

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HAPPY 2006! i know i'm late but whatever.

So my New Years nearly sucked like completely. I went out New Years Eve with Lindsey, her boyfriend, Scott and his girlfriend... bleh, i was like the 5th wheel. The music was fun, the boys were hott, why should i be complaining? i guess i was lonely, i sat at the table with my empty glass infront of me when the ball dropped and everyone screamed "HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!" and i had this miserable expression on my face, i truly was miserable that night. Everyone kissing each other and then Lindsey basically toppling over me while saying "I LOVE YOU ANGE! HAPPY NEW YEAR I'M SOOOO FUCKING DRUNK!" and then giving me a big wet sloppy kiss... i on the other hand, was completely sober, reason being i had to work the following morning, unfortunately, but midway through my shift i got this throbbing headache and suddenly felt sick to my stomach, so i got vto at 4:30. I really wish i had stayed in New Years, all these drunk fucks walking around downtown screaming happy new year over and over again, it was like a broken record. GAH! i sound emo. C'est la vie.
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So i only worked 3 hours on christmas, i got vto for the last hour of my scheduled shift (vto=voluntary time off) which was fine by me, i didn't get any calls of course either. The following day was awesome too, another $25/hr and i got vto half way through my 8 hour shift, so that was pretty sweet. This week was insanely busy at work, bleh. Right now i'm trying to apply for college again, but the stupid college application site won't let me log on because i don't remember my username or password and i no longer use the email address which i'm logged under for that site, it's just one big mess. So i'm definitely going to have to call OCAS next week so i can get that shit reset and whatnot.

I got some pretty sweet stuff for christmas, my parents bought me a new cell phone which i'm inlove with (but nobody ever calls me on it), an mp3 player (it's no iPod, but the sound quality is amazing and the batteries haven't run out yet), the complete first season of the OC on dvd, Blink 182 Greatest Hits cd, and my uncle that was visiting from out west bought me a cute tote bag, a bottle of Toffee liquor that came in this really neat tin, a $20 gift card to the Liquor store hahaha, and i got money as well. Today i'm going to visit my grandma because she was sick during christmas, and who knows what she got me this year (not that it really matters, right?)


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My parents and i celebrated our Christmas with Jeff, Alicia and the kids last night. It was fun. I work tomorrow, 3pm-7pm which really isn't all that bad, considering i get paid double time and a half. After work i'm going to my aunt and uncles place to meet up with the rest of the fam for christmas dinner. I saw Jonny and Justin last night, we only hung out for maybe an hour, at Jonny's sisters place. We ordered pizza and watched Sex and the City, and then both boys passed out on the couch, and therefore i was ready to go home. Oh how i miss those boys.

I'm in the process of making Spaghetti, and it takes so friggin long for the water to boil. Tonight i'm going to my neighbours place for cocktails and delightful hors d'oerves. Should be fun times. Afterwards, i may decide to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, an annual tradition for myself and probably thousands of others. Anyway, i should tend to dinner.
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I was supposed to go to Call the Office tonight, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Lindsey said she was going to take me tonight no matter what, and then i called her when i got home from work and she said she wasn't sure because she's "tired" pfft i have more reason to be tired than her, i worked for 8 hours while she did nothing, and then i invited Katie out but she doesn't get off work until 11:30 and she might be too tired to come out, which i totally understand. Maybe next sunday, we can catch the Christmas edition of Ray Gun... as long as they're not playing christmas music, we're all good. I don't know if i even feel like going out so much anymore, stupid having to work at 10:30am!

Enough with the ranting and raving. I spend a good amount of time with Alicia on Friday, i took her to Starbucks and treated her to a white chocolate mocha... sooo good. Then we walked through the park and looked at the christmas lights and decorations. We were going to go for a drink before we left downtown, but decided against the idea for some reason. Then i went out with Lindsey later on that night, we made christmas cards at her place and then went to Wreck'd Room for a couple drinks and then Troy's place. OMG when we got to Troy's house, Lindz and i started running up his driveway and then the motion sensored lights came on and a skunk was right infront of us, Lindsey didn't notice until i started screaming that there was a skunk and then the skunk turned around and Lindsey and i started running back toward the street, then we heard Ryan scream from the back door as he almost stepped on the skunk, he sounded like a girl... my god it was hilarious.

OMG Katie just called me she got vto!!!!!!! we're going out yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!